Hello Lovelies! Cath here from Tea with Mrs Thompson: a blog about life, crochet and other things. I’m an art therapist by day, and crochet hooker by night. 

Mrs Thompson was the name of the imaginary friend my Mum had as a little girl. As a child, Mum would dress up in her best frock, pop a doily on her head, gather a bunch of flowers and sit down for a nice cup of tea with Mrs Thompson. She reminds me to keep holding onto the magic and creativity of my inner child.

If you’re like me, more often than not in the past, life has moved at a considerable pace. Now in my thirties, I have made the conscious decision to live intentionally. This blog is an extension of that decision; making time for the people and activities I love. Realising that sometimes I just need to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with Mrs Thompson.

Join me as I navigate through life as best I know how, with a crochet hook in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. 

I live in a little apartment by the Yarra river in Richmond, Melbourne with my husband and rescue kitty, Milky Joe.

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