Christmas Traditions


Tree Hunting and Decorating

Every year, since I was born, I have enjoyed the smell of a real tree. This year, Rob, Mum, Dad, my Brother, Sister-in-Law and Nephew, Felix and I headed down to Sunnybrook Christmas Tree Farm to pick out the perfect tree. Had it been cooler I think we would have spent longer hunting for the perfect one. As it was 33℃ we decided on the first tree Dad recommended! This year we have limited our tree to 4 ft; we are on a tighter budget and lack the 9ft ceilings our old Californian bungalow provided us back in Geelong. My parent’s tree is usually at least 6 ft…this year it looks more like 7!

Being a smaller tree meant we could fit it inside the car with us to transport it home. The smell in the apartment is incredible. There is nothing like the smell of real pine to inspire the Christmas spirit and get me into the mood for some carols. It’s probably the fastest tree decorating session Rob and I have ever done! Such a small tree. I decided to just go maximalist with the decorations. “Put them all on!” we yelled enthusiastically as we decorated to the sounds of Frank Sinatra, serenading us with his version of “White Christmas.”

Do you have a real Christmas tree? What does your tree look like this year?

xo Cat

2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. AnnaB says:

    I share your enthusiasm! LOVE that Christmas tree smell!! We too always had a real tree at Yuletide (despite the grumpiness of he who shall not be named and pine needles on the floor that comes with the setting it up bit!) until we came to live in Beijing. Here we opted for the plastic 6 ft option and it’s okay… especially once covered in my kids’ homemade decorations. However, it’s so nice to fly back into Australia mid December, open my Mum’s front door and be hit with that waft of pine that comes with her real tree! Lovely post, Cath. Great photo, too… 🙂


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