Mandala Monday


Yes, it’s that time of the week again! Mandala Monday, woohoo! Here’s my contribution for today. I had no fine liners on hand so I decided to use my small set of Copic markers for the whole thing. Listening to “Rivertribe- The Blessing” today I chose a short induction of eight long deep breaths to guide myself inward.

I opened my eyes to the blank page and decided to outline my drawing in black. Allowing the shapes to unfold naturally, I started to see a theme emerging in my Mandala. So much love! I saw the hearts and they became more prominent when it came to colouring in the lines.


The name of this mandala is “Lovely Lily”. In my mind, I see this lily floating in a pond connecting to the energy of the water. Nutrients flow in and out. If I lean over and smell the lily, it tickles my nose with its hearts. The smell is delicious.

When I turn my mandala upside down it looks like a bunch of bananas in the centre. It also reminds me of Carmen Miranda and her crazy fruit hats. In another way, it reminds me of the Beetles film “Yellow Submarine”.


I felt a lot of love drawing this one. It makes me happy looking at it. Vibrant colours, bold lines. It almost moves as I look at it. I did draw this one opposite my last mandala and although I have used a totally different set of markers, I can see similarities, especially in the colours. It was definitely not a conscious decision! That get’s me thinking about elements that I see repeating too, especially water and foliage. Nourishment seems to be a continuing theme. I’m looking forward to exploring this in my journal.

Have you drawn a mandala today? Notice any re-occurring elements, colours or symbols?

xo Cat

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