Christmas Traditions


I love Christmas Time. To me, it is (cue music) “the most wonderful time of the year.” Aside from the actual lunch on Christmas day, there are so many other wonderful traditions that go along with the festivities. The first weekend of December is when the first of our family traditions kicks off with gingerbread baking!

This tradition started about 6 years ago when Mum and I wanted to gift something small to our work colleagues and close friends. Mum isn’t the best at baking, she just doesn’t really enjoy it. She indulges me this tradition and I love it. Every year the biscuits turn out perfectly thanks to this recipe here.

We spend the day making them and by dinner time we have baked, iced and packaged up our little gingerbread people. One year, Rob helped us decorate and decided “bikinis” and “mankinis” were the appropriate attire for Australian gingerbread people. So that’s the way we ice them now.

To me, is one of the highlights each Christmas. We laugh about the funny face we’ve just drawn on our mankini-clad gingerbread man and sing along to some Christmas carols. What are some of your Christmas traditions?

xo Cat

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