Vintage Find: Fruit Centrepieces


Last week I helped Mum go through about 10 boxes of books she had stored in the attic. Most of the books were about old movie stars (one of Mum’s obsessions) some were about spirituality and pastoral care. We then came across a historical gem in the form of a 1963 November 13th edition of ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’.

Whilst Mum rustled through the other pieces of history contained within the box, including her old stamp collection, I browsed through the delicate pages. One of these featured a competition to ‘win one of 6 Mini Morris 850’s.’ Entrants were required to write the next advertising slogan for ‘Tongala Condensed Milk’ in 15 words or less. Another page advertised ‘Lightning Nylon Zippers’- they’re self-locking. I can’t quite work out why the lady featured appears to be holding a knife…?


However, the true gem to be found within the pages of this magazine wasn’t in the advertising. It is the article entitled “Arranging Flowers the American Way.” Brace yourself, this is going to change the way you look at your fresh produce forever.


Richard and Charles, two flower specialists from San Francisco designed a watermelon centrepiece for a summer buffet party. I think my favourite though has to be the butternut pumpkin come candelabra. Classic. Nothing says ‘dinner party’ like an arrangement of artichokes, garlic and a head of cabbage with a couple of candles wedged between them.


There are so many vintage trends, crafts and DIY that are experiencing revival at the moment. I’m not sure if this will catch on… maybe it will, I’ve been wrong before! Perhaps the next time I’m looking to decorate my table for my dinner guests I’ll look first in the crisper before heading to the florist.

xo Cat

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