Mandala Monday


I have named this Mandala “Hope Springs”. I feel as though the centre flower is unfolding. Water flows from within the centre of the flower; it nourishes itself. The birds circle around the centre in a continuous loop admiring the flower and enjoying its nectar. The flower has new growth, new seedlings to care for.


There is a lot of clean, white space; it feels spacious. I can breathe.

It reminds me of a Christmas bauble. Maybe that’s on my mind as we are only 4 weeks away from Christmas. It looks as though it were spherical, rolled slightly to one side. When I look at it from different angles, it reminds me of a Kaleidoscope. When I turn the page around I’m expecting the image to change and grow. In my mind, I see the birds fly up to each corresponding pond and land on the water. I see the water droplets nourish the seedlings which in turn sprout a new flower.


Here is the process and some questions I asked myself, and my Mandala today:

1. Look at the Mandala from different angles, turn it around and around. Stop where it feels like it should be.

2. What are the main colours in the piece? What colours did you use most of? Least of?

3. What does it remind you of?

4. Notice now the shapes you created. Take note of soft/ hard/ jagged/ smooth lines.

5. If this Mandala could speak, what might it say?

6. Are there any areas of high contrast?

7. Ask the Mandala if it has a name?


Have you created a mandala for Mandala Monday today? Please share it with me, I’d love to see.

xo Cat

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