Food Choices


Wow…The emotional response I had to this documentary film was unexpected. I literally burst into tears at the end of it. I’d never thought that I would go off eating meat completely.

It’s not like there is a huge amount of meat in my diet at the moment anyway. To tell you the truth I cut down on our meat consumption, not because of any moral or ethical dilemma. It is simply too expensive for us on our limited budget. We eat free range chicken once a week, that’s it. On the advice of my acupuncturist, I already eat a dairy and gluten free diet.

In the past I’ve seen other documentaries on the meat industry, for some reason, this one really hit home for me. I think it was the combination of wanting a better future for our planet, realising the health benefits of a plant-based diet and understanding the role “big business” plays in manipulating the general public to consume. Not to mention the obscene cruelty to animals that is so unnecessary in our 21st century.

This is the journey I’m choosing to embark on. It won’t be for everyone. I think my family are going to find it really hard to understand. I have an Uncle who has been a vegetarian my whole life. I think a phone call to him is in order.

What does your diet look like? Have you seen the film? Will you? Has something like this ever motivated you to make a dramatic change in lifestyle? I’d love to know.

xo Cat


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