Mandala Monday


I like Monday’s. I actually really do. Not only does it signal the beginning of a new week on the calendar, it marks a new week full of new possibilities.

What then is Mandala Monday? In 2012 when I began my Art Therapy Diploma, I had no idea what a Mandala was. I soon discovered the healing power that circle of containment provided me. ‘Mandala’ is an Indian term which loosely translated means “circle”. You’ll often see Mandalas with different patterns that seem to radiate out from the centre. They can be a symbol of life, of healing and wholeness.

Drawing, painting, collaging, crocheting or using found objects to make a Mandala helped me practice mindfulness. Creating the Mandala allowed me to process everything that happened during the day or week. Sometimes I make a Mandala based on my feelings at the time. The magic of the Mandala is that there is no right, no wrong, it doesn’t have to be neat or perfect or beautiful.  A mandala just has to be for me.

I’ve decided to share my weekly Mandala here on my blog with you. Maybe you’ve never made one, why not give it a try and make your Monday a “Mandala Monday” with me.

Materials: Choose what you would like to use to create your mandala today. I’m using pastels today but you could use pencils, paint, markers, whatever you like. You’ll need a piece of paper too.nov14_2016_5

Environment: Make sure you’re somewhere you can’t be interrupted and have some soothing music on in the background. You could do this on the train, I have, with my headphones in.

Step 1: Draw a Circle- I Like to trace a bowl, cup or plate depending on how big I want my Mandala to be. Today I’m choosing a cup, it’s a nice small size and will probably take me 5 mins to do, perfect for when I’m low on time or if you’re new to Mandala (it feels less overwhelming than a salad bowl)!

Step 2: Let your feelings inspire your mandala art. I like to close my eyes for a few minutes and breathe, noticing how I’m feeling in the moment.

Step 3: Open your eyes (if you have them closed) and choose a few colours that speak to you. Put your pen to paper within the circle and allow the image, lines or shapes to evolve and transform as you draw.


Your finished Mandala will represent and reflect who you are at the time of its creation. I like to give my Mandala a name and date it. Do you enjoy making Mandalas? What did yours look like today? Please share them with me too, I’d love to see.

xo Cat

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